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Medication Somatic Treatment

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Medical Department

P&G Behavioral Health Services Medical Department is staffed with Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants with over 30 years of medical experience and training.


Medication/Somatic Treatment services are medical interventions including: physical examinations; prescription, supervision or administration of mental health-related medications; monitoring and interpreting results of laboratory
diagnostic procedures related to mental health-related medications; and medical interventions needed for effective mental health treatment provided as either an individual or group intervention. 


Medication/Somatic Treatment services include monitoring the side effects and interactions of medications and the adverse reactions a Consumer may experience, and providing education and direction for symptom and medication self-management.


Group Medication/Somatic Treatment shall be therapeutic, educational and interactive with a strong emphasis on group member selection, facilitated therapeutic peer interaction and support.

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