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Community Support Workers

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P&G Behavioral Health Services

Community Support Workers

P&G Behavioral Health Services Medical Department is staffed with experienced CSW's (Community Support Workers).


Community Support services are rehabilitation supports considered essential to assist the Consumer in achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals.  Community Support services focus on building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the Consumer. 

Community Support activities include:

1. Participation in the development and implementation of a Consumer’s
IRP/IPC and Community Support Individualized Service Specific Plan

2. Assistance and support for the Consumer in stressor situations;

3. Mental health education, support and consultation to Consumers’ families and/or their support system, which is directed exclusively to the well-being and benefit of the Consumer;

4. Individual mental health service and support intervention for the development of interpersonal and community coping skills, including adapting to home, school and work environments;

5. Assisting the Consumer in symptom self-monitoring and self-management for the identification and minimization of the negative effects of psychiatric symptoms which interfere with the Consumer’s daily living, financial management, personal development or school or work performance;

6. Assistance to the Consumer in increasing social support skills and networks that ameliorate life stresses resulting from the Consumer’s mental illness or emotional disturbance and are necessary to enable and maintain the
Consumer’s independent living;

7. Developing strategies and supportive mental health interventions for avoiding out-of-home placement for adults, children and youth and building stronger family support skills and knowledge of the adult, child or youth’s
strengths and limitations; and

8. Developing mental health relapse prevention strategies and plans.