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Crisis Emergency

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P&G Behavioral Health Services

Crisis Emergency Services

Crisis/Emergency is a face-to-face or telephone immediate response to an emergency situation involving a Consumer with mental illness or emotional disturbance that is available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. Crisis/Emergency services are provided to Consumers involved in an active mental health crisis and consist of immediate response to evaluate and screen the presenting situation, assist in immediate crisis stabilization and resolution and ensure the Consumer’s access to care at the appropriate level. Crisis/Emergency services may be delivered in natural settings and the Crisis/Emergency provider shall adjust its staffing to meet the requirements for immediate response. Each Crisis/Emergency provider shall obtain consultation, locate other services and resources, and provide written and oral information to assist the Consumer in obtaining follow-up services. Each Crisis/Emergency provider shall also be a DMH-certified provider of Diagnostic/Assessment or have an agreement with a Core Services Agency or a Core Services Agency’s affiliated Sub provider to assure the provision of necessary hospital pre-admission screening. 

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