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We're Hiring!

Clinical directors are detail-oriented health professionals. Our Clinical Director, is responsible for organizing and overseeing people and programs at our Washington, D.C. facility. The Clinical Director will be train and supervise others, manage technology and plan and implement budgets and strategies.

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Clinical Manager (OPEN)

Clinical Managers are responsible for ensuring their department meets standards and for successfully overseeing a team of Community Support Workers.   Clinical managers work closely with other medical professionals such as nurses, physicians, physician assistants and clinical laboratory staff.

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Receptionist (OPEN)

P&G (P&G Behavioral Health Services) is seeking an amazing Front Desk Receptionist to help direct consumers to the services they need and support the Intake and HR department in reaching its organizational goals.

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Field Manager (OPEN)

Community Support Workers primarily aim is to care for and support people with mental and/or physical restrictions or disabilities. They provide personal care assistance to clients and their families or caregivers and helping to maximize and promote independence in the home and community setting.

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